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FORTISIL-K™ reduces internal quality problems on pomegranate

The trees in the control row had the highest average fruit number per tree (39), but only a quarter (26%) of these fruit was marketable in terms of external fruit quality. The three tested products all yielded different numbers of fruit, but all three resulted in an average of approximately 60% in marketable fruit (Figure 1).

Figure 1: External fruit quality variation of pomegranates

External fruit quality variation of pomegranates [chart]

The fruit did not differ much in size, but the control was 10g lighter than the lightest treated fruit. The sap quality as well as the amount of internal segments of all the treat-ments were similar. The big diffe-rence was however clear in the amount of fruit with internal browning problems. As can be seen in Figure 2, only a third (7 out of 20) of the fruit treated with FORTISIL-K™, experienced internal browning problems. Even the products which resulted in good quality fruit in terms of external quality, now showed internal problems on the same scale as the control. With the application of FORTISIL-K™, 65% of the fruit could still be marketed and internal browning was reduced by 25% when compared to the control.

Figure 2: Internal fruit quality variation of pomeranates

Internal fruit quality variation of pomeranates [chart]

FORTISIL-K™ was the only product that increased both the internal and external fruit quailty of pomegranates and kept this at a constant increased of more than 60%.

By: Marinda Kellerman Tel: 082 899 7780