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Innovative gel based products launched soon

By Uys Meiring – Market Development Manager: Speciality Solutions

Omnia is launching a new gel based product range this season that will have considerable benefits for the farmer. In order to determine the needs of producers and their workers, Omnia Nutriology® thoroughly investigated the challenges experienced on farm level. The safe application of products is a key factor which contributed to the development of the new Prisma™ range. Besides the fact that these products do not contain any dust, which makes it safer for the workers to handle, the flow of the gel out of the packaging is slower than a liquid or a powder product, which minimises spillage.

The impact on the environment also played a role in the development of this new range. In fact, the products come in brand new packaging which uses by weight 86% less plastic than the conventional plastic containers. The pouches that the product is packaged in was developed to be reusable on the farm. Amongst others, it can be used as planter bags, or to seal moisture around pallets, or as stem protectors for young trees (Figure 1). With the ingenuity of Omnia Nutriology‘s clients, many more uses for these bags can be found on the farm. The cardboard boxes in which the pouches are packed, are recyclable and can also be re-used.

Figure 1: The pouches can be re-used as planter bags or stem protectors for young trees, amongst others.

The products are specially formulated to address crop specific needs. Two of these products are ready to be launched in August 2018. The product range will be extended during the course of the year. The first two products have been developed specifically for row crops and tree crops. It has been thoroughly tested in the industry and results are currently being scrutinised in scientific trials.

The gel base can hold a higher concentration of nutrients, which will be to the economic advantage of the farmer. The production process uses world-class technology and the raw materials are thoroughly tested for impurities, including heavy metals. As part of the Omnia Nutriology® approach, all raw materials are fully traceable and comply with world-class quality standards.

The new Prisma™ range of products have the following advantages:

  • easy to use
  • safe to handle
  • dissolves directly in the application tank
  • less spillage
  • low impact on the environment
  • cost effective
  • improved nutrient uptake by the plant
  • highly concentrated

With this new range Omnia Nutriology® shows their continued development in new technology, concepts and products to maximise crop production efficiency. Contact your Omnia Nutriology® agriculturist for more information.