Farm [photo] 

A plant’s needs for water and nutrients are interdependent. Water is not only required for plant growth, but it is also the medium through which nutrients are absorbed by roots and transported through the plant.

With our business approach being "Prosperity for Omnia through prosperity on the farm", the question arises: Is there a recipe for prosperity? If we say that our objective is to create prosperity on the farm, what steps are we following to accomplish this goal?

Biotechnology already plays a crucial role in twenty-first-century culture. Before French chemist Louis Pasteur began experimenting with bacteria in the 1860s, people did not know what caused diseases.

Omnia Fertilizer recently held an Agronomist Conference at Hartbeespoort where several experts in the field of water addressed our agronomists.

It is clear that Government is prepared to spend a substantial amount of money and time to achieve its 2015 National Development Plan goals with regard to land reform and restitution. In terms of its Annual Performance Plan for 2014-2015, Government plans to focus medium-term spending on the provision of comprehensive farm development support to smallholding farmers and land reform beneficiaries, as well as acquisition of strategically located land to increase access to and the productive use of such land.   

South Africa has a low agricultural potential compared to other agriculturally competing countries and it is therefore imperative that available agricultural land be used optimally. 

Arising from Omnia’s business approach, we tried during the past planting season to not only test Omnia’s intellectual en technological capacity in the Northern Cape, but also to expand and develop it in unique ways in this area to add more value on the farm.