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Omnia’s world class laboratory does it again!

The process of proficiency testing entails the distribution of a sample to all participating laboratories and having it analysed. Results are then statistically evaluated, verified and reported. Different samples are distributed monthly over a year, ensuring a basis for long term stability and comparison of analyses.

AgriLASA (Agri Laboratory Association of Southern Africa) is an organisation, amongst others, to provide this service to sub-Saharan laboratories analysing fertilizer, animal feeds, soil, water and plants.

In a recent initiative, AgriLASA decided to reward excellence on an annual basis by awarding a trophy to the laboratory in each of the AgriLASA disciplines that has shown the best performance. To be a recipient of this trophy, a laboratory consistently needs to deliver accurate results, outperforming fellow laboratories, with a participation higher than 90%.

Omnia's Chemtech Quality Control Laboratory, the laboratory responsible for testing all Omnia Fertilizer's raw material, final product as well as for international accredited heavy metal analysis, received the trophy for the best AgriLASA fertilizer laboratory for 2011, underlining the high level of commitment and accuracy Omnia's customers have become accustomed to.

The team [chart]
The team

Vossie Wilsnach
Manager: Chemtech Laboratories