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The sulphur sting

Sulphur plays a major and essential role as plant nutrient and is often called the fourth macro-element after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, due to its utter importance in plant physiology and metabolism. In fact, in the maize and soybean producing areas of the USA, sulphur is regarded as the third limiting major plant nutritional element after nitrogen and phosphorus.

For this reason, Omnia Nutriology® embarked on a campaign in order to inform our clients of the importance of sulphur in balanced plant nutrition. The campaign consisted of farmers’ days with Dr. Elke Bloem from the Julius-Kühn Institute for Crop and Soil Science in Germany as the keynote speaker, as well as various published articles, pamphlets and booklets.

Yellow for performance – sulphur yellow

Early applications of sulphur (S) resulted in good yield responses on canola. A randomised complete block design  layout was used to test different rates of S applied at planting (0 and 20 kg S.ha-1), first top dress (0, 20 and 40 kg S.ha-1) and second top dress (0, 20 and 40 kg S.ha-1). Read more

The hidden sting in sulphur fertilization

Some perhaps unknown aspects of sulphur crop nutrition that could lower risk of loss of nutrient use efficiency, yield and quality. Read more

Everything you ever wanted to know about sulphur

Omnia recently hosted a series of farmers' days across South Africa to inform our clients of the importance of sulphur nutrition. Read more

SWAEL: Die vierde makro-element

October 2015

Landbou is waar alles 62 jaar gelede vir Omnia begin het toe dr Joachim Winkler en mnr Willie Marais ‘n klein kalkonderneming, gebaseer op ‘n kultuur van hegte gesinsbande, op die been gebring het. Read more (93KB)

The importance of sulphur in profitable crop production

03 August 2015

In recent decades, crop scientists have increasingly come to recognise the importance of sulphur as a nutrient in crop production. Read more (379KB)

Sulphur - the short and sweet of it

Without the sulphur containing amino acids cysteine and methionine and other sulphur containing organic compounds, there would be no life as we know it. Read more (4.1MB)

Omnia Fertilizer hosts sulphur farmers' day

Omnia Fertilizer hosts sulphur farmers' information day on the topic of sulphur and its importance in crop production. Read more

Pasop vir swaelmengsels

Wees versigtig vir kunsmisprodukte wat vinnig en goedkoop vermeng is deur elementêre swael by die mengsels te voeg, waarsku dr. Koos Bornman, hoofbestuurder van strategiese landboudienste by Omnia. Read more

Omnia gesels swael-sake

Ongeveer 150 gaste het die Omnia-boeredag op 5 Junie 2015 op Lichtenburg bygewoon. Read more