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We support the farmers

Omnia Nutriology® shares a sincere passion for agriculture with our farmers, which is evident through our feet on the farm approach as well as our unwavering investment in the industry. We go to great lengths to support agriculture in general, either through research and development, advisory committees, investment or general awareness campaigns.

Our latest awareness campaign appeared in The Star, the Mail and Guardian and Sowetan newspapers as well as Drum magazine. The aim is to educate the general public about the realities that our producers face on a daily basis as well as to inform them of the massive contribution our farmers make to the broader economy, despite these challenges. The series consists of seven articles covering topics such as food security, land reform, food imports and social upliftment.

As our vision states, we believe in prosperity for Omnia through prosperity on the farm, therefore we will continue with this kind of support of our clients and the industry as long as they (and we) exist.

61 Jaar van voete op die plaas

Omnia se fokus is nog altyd op ons kliënte, op ons besigheidsmodel gebou. Read more (1.8MB)

Empowerment and caring for communities

Empowerment and caring for workers is a standard practice in South African agriculture. Read more (406KB)

Food insecurity may threaten South Africa’s young democracy

A strong commercial agriculture sector is necessary for strengthening democracy in South Africa. Read more (595KB)

Global competition requires a supportive environment for SA agriculture business

Agriculture’s business is to produce agricultural products as competitively as possible. Read more (380KB)

Land reform must also deliver food security

Land ownership in South Africa has been at the centre of political debate since the late 1800s. Read more (555KB)

Our own producers should feed our nation - or it could cost you 50% more

South African food is among the cheapest. Read more (473KB)

Producer costs contribute little to food price increases

Only a small portion of the final food product price that consumers pay reaches the agricultural producer. Read more (380KB)

Support and development of commercial producers - the only long term solution

A strategy of relying on food imports may cause social unrest in the long term, while the benefits of local commercial agriculture support furthers development and social cohesion. Read more (439KB)

Adriaan de Lange MD reiterates Omnia’s commitment to agriculture in South Africa

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