Crops [photo] 


Water conservation is an important topic, especially in South Africa. Water is essential to almost every industry imaginable, and agriculture is no exception.

There are a variety of factors associated with crop yield and the risks involved with farming. The four most important factors that influence crop yield are soil fertility, availability of water, climate, and diseases or pests.

Soil health is a vital component to any successful farm. The health of one’s soil directly affects crop yield, with healthier soil generally producing increased yields.

Omnia Nutriology® places a big emphasis on sustainability. Mismanaged crops and fields can result in decreased crop yield, which we aim to mitigate with our precision agriculture programme, OmniPrecise®.

Omnia Nutriology® boasts accredited, world-class laboratories, comprising our Chemtech Agri laboratories and our OmniBio™ research and development units.

The implication of Omnia’s science-based business philosophy is that an immense amount of research is conducted, both on the farm and behind the scenes, with continuous product and service refinement and development being the primary goal.

Omnia Nutriology® has a dedicated team of agronomists that work directly with farmers and agents across the country to ensure that our farmers get the best products and soil health solutions for their farms.