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The importance of soil health and why Omnia Nutriology® is the solution

Soil health is a vital component to any successful farm. The health of one’s soil directly affects crop yield, with healthier soil generally producing increased yields. Soil health depends on a variety of factors, including correct fertilization, irrigation techniques, organic carbon content, and the levels of certain soil microorganisms. Amongst these microorganisms, bacteria and fungi in the soil serve several important functions, such as, breaking down certain toxic substances, contributing to improved water penetration in the soil, and assisting with the cycling and transformation of nutrients. In addition to this, correct fertilization must be followed to ensure continued soil health with the aim of improving water and nutrient use efficiency. Incorrect and inefficient fertilization techniques will negatively affect crop quality and yield, thus the profitability of your farm.

Omnia Nutriology® not only specialises in replenishing soil with the components it requires to be healthy, it also places an emphasis on sustainability to maximise long-term crop yield and soil health.  Fertilization is a science, and Omnia Nutriology® is internationally recognised and respected for the techniques, products, and services we have developed. 

Soil health matters to Omnia Nutriology®, and we believe in taking a holistic approach to crop management. Far from being men in white lab coats that dictate to farmers what they should and shouldn’t do with their farms and crops, Omnia Nutriology® believes in taking an action research-inspired approach.  Omnia Nutriology® works hand-in-hand with farmers to research and develop more effective fertilization and farming techniques. Our team of qualified scientists and agronomists work tirelessly to innovate and improve on our existing technology and products to deliver the best possible service to our farmers. Omnia Nutriology® is aware that soil type varies from region to region, and farmers can expect a solution customised to their farm and the specific soil types. Our farmers get excellent value for their hard earned money when they employ Omnia Nutriology®’s services and make use of our products.

Why Omnia

Omnia Nutriology®’s holistic philosophy sets us apart from competitors and one of our major strengths is our team of over 100 agronomists, scientists and agents who provide on-farm advice and assistance to farmers. An agronomist (colloquially referred to as a “soil doctor”) is an expert who specialises in soil productivity. Omnia Nutriology®’s agronomic team works directly with farmers to assess soil health and increase soil productivity, all in the interest of increased crop yield and optimum farm profitability. When Omnia Nutriology®’s agronomists are not providing on-farm and collaborative assistance to farmers, they are busy working with our agronomic R&D and Chemtech R&D teams in our world-class Chemtech laboratories, researching, developing, and refining new products and techniques. Before Omnia Nutriology® releases a new product or service, we conduct several trials on farms and in greenhouses to ensure that these are of the highest quality.

Another important part of Omnia Nutriology®’s business model is our development of new technologies. These technologies are aimed specifically at soil health and sustainability, with a specific emphasis on reduced risk and increased crop yields. OmniPrecise® is a management system that helps farmers to utilise resources at an optimal level, and includes technologies such as OmniZone® maps and OmniRiskIQ®, both of which were designed with precision agriculture in mind. Precision agriculture entails collecting, processing and analysing data to develop practical plans that encompass optimal land management and soil health management.

Omnia Nutriology® offers a wide variety of superb quality services and products, with soil health, sustainability and farmer collaboration at the forefront of our philosophy and business model.  Farmers deciding to make use of Omnia Nutriology®’s products and services can expect excellent value for money.

Healthy soil is sustainable, and sustainability is the future.