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Our Laboratories

Omnia Nutriology® boasts accredited, world-class laboratories, comprising our Chemtech Agri laboratories and our OmniBio™ research and development units. Laboratories are where the proverbial magic happens - Omnia Nutriology®’s agronomists collect data in the field and then convey that data to our laboratory technicians, who then analyse and utilise this data to develop new and refine existing products and services.

Omnia Nutriology®’s Chemtech laboratories are not only world-class in name; they have official ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. This accreditation serves as a testimony to our exceptional standards and it provides farmers with a guarantee of top-class quality.

Chemtech Agri was established in 1998 to address the growing concerns of farmers who wanted to increase their crop yield and reduce risk on their farms and in the environment. Chemtech’s facilities are modern and state-of-the-art, cementing its place as one of the leading fertiliser laboratories in Africa. Chemtech Agri specialises in fertilizer, water, plant sap and soil analyses, and has produced a range of patented products such as Omnia Nutriology®’s specially formulated granular and liquid fertilisers.


OmniBio™ is a research and development unit within Omnia that specialises in the study of soil life and health. Founded 13 years ago, its main function is to analyse the biological life present (or absent) in soil and to develop and refine products, such as Rhizovator™, to address the specific requirements of the soil and the organisms that live in the soil. An analysis from OmniBio™ provides farmers with a crop- and soil-specific proposal that focuses on the biological indicators in the soil, which then allows an appropriate solution to be planned and implemented, including the utilisation of the appropriate Omnia products. One such product, Rhizovator™, was designed to enhance root growth, increase disease resistance and optimise water and nutrient use.

Omnia Nutriology® prides itself in the superb quality of the products it develops for its farmers. Our world-class Chemtech Agri laboratories and OmniBio™ research and development units are testament to our dedication to deliver quality, thoroughly-researched products on which farmers can rely and in which they can trust.