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Research and Development

The implication of Omnia’s science-based business philosophy is that an immense amount of research is conducted, both on the farm and behind the scenes, with continuous product and service refinement and development being the primary goal. Omnia Nutriology ® would not be the market leader we are today if we did not constantly research, innovate and produce ground-breaking new products, services and technology.

The research we conduct is a systematic and continuous process. Data is collected, analysed and then converted into practical applications and solutions. Omnia Nutriology® is constantly investigating new and innovative technologies, products and services to improve crop yield, decrease farming and environmental risks and to improve and streamline the experience farmers have with Omnia. 

Omnia Nutriology® employs scientifically sound methods during our research process, with extensive trials being conducted on farms and in greenhouses before a new product or technology is released. Farmers are thus guaranteed a product and service that has been rigorously tested and has undergone numerous quality control checks. 

Research and Development

Research is conducted both on farms and in laboratories. Data is collected by Omnia Nutriology®’s team of agronomists (in collaboration with farmers), who then take the data back to Omnia Nutriology®’s laboratories to be processed and analysed by our skilled laboratory technicians. Data collected is diverse and includes soil samples, plant sap samples, water use reports, climate reports, crop yield reports from previous seasons, economic and market reports and needs assessments. This data produces a comprehensive and holistic framework for the development of new products and refinement of existing products.

One of Omnia Nutriology®’s crowning achievements is the development of our range of speciality granular fertilisers, of which we are the only producer in South Africa. While Omnia Nutriology® also produces “standard” blended fertilisers, it is the development of our speciality compound granular fertilisers, backed by over a decade of research, which has put Omnia Nutriology® at the forefront of agricultural and agronomic innovation.