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Our Agronomists

Omnia Nutriology® has a dedicated team of agronomists that work directly with farmers and agents across the country to ensure that our farmers get the best products and soil health solutions for their farms. An agronomist is someone who specialises in soil health and soil productivity. The main function of an agronomist is to assess soil health and increase soil profitability, with the aim of facilitating an increase in crop yield (and a decrease in risk). Each solution is as unique as the farm where it is implemented, and it is the job of the agronomists to ensure that every farm receives an optimal and specially-designed solution recommendation that addresses the specific needs of the farm.  

Our Agronomists

One thing that sets Omnia Nutriology® apart from competitors is our holistic and collaborative approach to farming. Our agronomists are continuously involved on the farms of our customers, working hand-in-hand with the farmer to produce optimal results. We do much more than just sell fertiliser - our agronomists do a holistic needs assessment for our farmers, which includes an analysis of the soil on the farm and assessment of previous seasons’ crop yield. Our agronomists are partners on the farms where they work, and they conduct research in partnership with farmers to continuously improve Omnia Nutriology®’s products and services. A farmer thus benefits in many ways from partnership with Omnia Nutriology®’s agronomists, as all research findings as well as product and service refinement will go directly back to the farmer by means of practical solutions for increased soil productivity, crop yield and decreased risk.

Science forms an integral part of Omnia Nutriology®’s business philosophy and this has given us yet another advantage over competitors. Nutriology® means “the science of growing” and concerns the optimisation of crop yield and quality and the reduction of farming and environmental risks. While it is relatively straightforward to carry out a soil analysis, it is difficult to make the link between soil health, agronomy and nutrient efficiency and then to turn that data into real value. Omnia Nutriology®’s team of agronomists are highly specialised in their field and are able to make agronomic sense of data collected from farms. This data is then utilised during product and service development, the result being highly refined and specialised products and services which farmers can then use on their farms to further increase crop yield and reduce environmental and farming risks.